1999 996 Factory Aero XAA and M030 Sports

  • YEAR: 1999
  • COLOUR: Black
  • MILEAGE: 40,000
  • MODEL TYPE: 996 Aero
  • ENGINE SIZE: 3400

Detailed Description

This Genuinely rare 996 Factory Aero Car has the XAA code from new with M030 Code factory sports Suspension and Brakes. Some other options include Hard Back Sports Seats, Sports Gearshift, Sports Handbrake, Sunroof, Dual Row IMS, AC and more. The Services are as follows. 7377 Porsche, 9415 Porsche, 14644 Porsche, 17740 Ferrari, 30950 Porsche SP, 31348 Porsche SP, 33905 Porsche SP,  34239 Porsche SP, 34863 Porsche, 35751 Porsche SP, 36915 Porsche SP, 37671 Porsche SP, 38256 Porsche SP, 39290 Porsche SP 40063 Porsche SP, 40690 Porsche SP, 40862  Porsche SP. As you can see this car has very low miles but has been serviced religiously. There is a Fully Stamped Service book with Documented Paperwork.  Thousands of pounds spent . Most recently the car has had Lower Arms, Air conditioning Condensers and pipe work. This is my own personal car and I have loved the fact that after selling Porsches for over 30 years I have my own little time capsule of a car which now needs to go to another home. The car even smells new when you open the doors. A superb rare factory car.